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The Fun Starts Here.

Travel light or Pack it all! Either way BC1 and its retro, military styling keeps your supplies safe & secure. The lockable bi-fold doors open to create lots of usable space for food preparation and gear maintenance while the optional hi-rack system stores your surfboards, canoes or ladders up and out of the way. With a 1,200LB payload capacity, you can pack all your gear including the kitchen sink while your friends drool with envy at what your grandkids will still cherish and use decades from now!

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Built for your needs.

SOS Barnstore offers several types of metal garages, including Regular Style, Boxed Eave Style, and Vertical Style Roofs. These different carport roofing styles enable you to design a wide range of building styles, sizes and color options.

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Quality and Value.

Professional engineering and superior construction techniques produce a solid building, strong enough to be lifted and moved as one piece. Our rigid-frame construction makes the strongest, longest-lasting portable buildings available.

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A building right for you.

SOS Barnstore metal buildings are whatever you make them. Need more room for your vehicles? Extra storage for your lawn equipment? A barn for your horses? A space for your hobbies? Our buildings can be all of these things.

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Maximum Entertainment

Turn your backyard into a kid's paradise with one of our playsets. We offer a wide range of durable sets, with everything from a pair of swings to a whole play system that rivals the neighborhood playground. Look for fun features such as twisty slides, tire swings, teeter totters, rope ladders, and imaginative attached play houses.

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Apr 25 2014

New Oxford Location

Sometimes when pursuing a dream we’re rewarded with an extra sweet opportunity such as this week’s GRAND OPENING of our newest S.O.S. location in Oxford, MS – THE PRIDE OF THE SOUTH! SAVE on all of our SHEDS, BARNS, RV COVERS, CARPORTS, GARAGES, STORM SHELTERS, PLAY SYSTEMS & MORE! Call us at 662 234 9094.  Naturally, we look forward to seeing you soon!  Hotty Toddy!!!

Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms Now Available!

When seconds count... REALLY... REALLY... COUNT- play it safe in a storm shelter that could be the difference in the safety of your family.
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